electric imprinters

Electric imprinters are designed for using when a perfect OCR readable imprint is required quickly. Ideal for use on busy hotel reception desks; an electric imprinter gives you a crisp and clear card imprint at the push of a button.

840: compact and quick

A compact and versatile design, perfect for producing a high quality ink OCR impression in just a few seconds. The standard model prints on 51 or 80 column sales slips, and an adjustable gauge is available for larger forms.


110v or 240/220v
Dry print roller
Six-digit dater

Download the brochure: Model 840 PDF

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840-301-003 220/240v electric imprinter
embossed merchant plate

30-0502-0018 replacement ink roller


2000: heavy-duty electrical

Designed for the rigorous demands of the US healthcare market, the model 2000 range of electric imprinters are ideal for use on non-standard formsets. The heavy-duty print mechanism produces perfect, crisp OCR readable imprints on formsets up to eight pages thick and the horizontal top-opening design makes it easy to position the form.

A range of form guages and other options are available on the model 2000 range: please contact us for more details.

model 2000