flatbed imprinters

For banking and retail applications, a flatbed imprinter provides invaluable backup, allowing card transactions to continue in case of power cuts, telecommunication failures or system malfunction.

Our flatbed imprinters all have two individually adjustable rollers, one for the card and one for the plate, ensuring a perfect imprint every time. All models can optionally be supplied with suction cup feet to hold the machine firmly in place during use.

4850: your reliable back-up

Our most popular imprinter: a robust model with a small footprint, chosen by businesses all over the world who need an affordable back-up option. The plastic base has been specially designed to remain rigid under the pressure of the rollers, ensuring a perfect imprint every time.

No-card, no-print feature - prevents accidental use without a card.

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4850-500-00 standard version 4850 imprinter
AP-1005-1E embossed merchant plate


4000: for regular use

A mid-range flatbed, recommended for more frequent use. Once adjusted to the correct imprint settings, the rollers will give the same perfect imprint for a million cycles, and the space-saving handle design allows for easy storage.

Ink rollers for use on plain paper, or when an even sharper print is required.

Download the brochure: Model 4000 PDF

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401002-042 standard version 4000 imprinter
AP-1000-1E embossed merchant plate


2010: when you need the best

If you need a flatbed imprinter for heavy duty use or a unit that incorporates a dater unit, choose the reliability and longevity of our model 2010. The robust 2010 has an aluminium base and we are confident that it is the highest quality imprinter on the market.

Download the brochure: Model 2010 PDF

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201101-000 2010 imprinter with dater

AP-1028-5E embossed merchant plate for 2011


Retail starter pack

If you're a retailer and you haven't got a manual imprinter, protect yourself today against the unforeseen by ordering our retail starter pack for just £21 + vat. Our starter pack consists of a  model 4850 flatbed imprinter, a merchant plate, embossed with your details, and a pack of sales slips.

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starter pack