model 610

card embosser

The Addressograph 610 automatic card embosser provides an easy and economical way of issuing embossed plastic cards, including membership cards, loyalty cards, insurance cards or health cards. It’s also suitable for producing credit card imprinter merchant plates, by using plastic plates with break-away tabs.

The super-quiet operation and compact footprint of the Addressograph 610 make it ideal for unobtrusive use on an office desktop or on a service counter, where it won’t disturb either employees or customers. To economise further on space, the plastic cards are unloaded at the front side, where they are easily accessible.

Data is inputted via the embosser’s QWERTY keyboard and previewed on the inbuilt display, or can be uploaded directly from a PC. Standard pre-set formats and a card repeat function speed up the process further and allow standard tasks to be automated.

The Model 610 has a full internal diagnostic analyser and continual status control, and is designed to work with other peripheral devices, such as wristband or label printers. Full UK-based product installation, support and training is available.

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We also offer bespoke embossing services for small or one-off jobs, such as vintage vehicle plates. For more details click here: