sales slips

If you’re using an imprinter to process your manual credit card transactions, you’ll need sales slips too. Addressograph Ltd can supply you with bank-approved two-part generic short sales slips, that are perfect for use with our imprinters. Our slips are unbranded, so can be used with transactions for Visa, Mastercard, American Express or any other embossed card.

security features

To comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) data protection standards, our sales slips are designed so that only the last four digits of the card number are printed onto the customer’s copy. This helps cardholders to keep their data secure.

Our sales slips are printed on extremely sensitive paper, so when used with one of our imprinters, you’ll get a perfect print first time. Multiple attempts at imprinting a card do not just waste time and paper: they can pose a security risk if the failed copies are not properly disposed of. With an imprinter and sales slips from Addressograph, you’ll be confident of getting it right first time.

Our sales slips are available in packs of 50 through our Retail Gurus website. For merchants and card issuers we can offer customised sales slips to help you promote your brand. Contact us for more details.

Order online:

38-0050-0202 pack of 50 2 ply sales slips

38-0050-0203 pack of 50 3 ply sales slips