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manual transactions

Although the use of electronic chip-and-pin terminals is now widespread, there may still be times when you need to process transactions manually. After many years of experience helping our customers to keep their payment systems running, we've put together some frequently-asked-questions to guide you through the process of taking manual card transactions.

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starter pack

flatbed imprinters help page

Using your flatbed imprinter and adjusting the print settings.

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pump handle imprinter help page

How to adjust the settings and change the ink roller on your model 871 pump handle imprinter.

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electric imprinter help page

Using your model 840 electric imprinter and changing the ink roller.

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portable imprinters help page

Operating instructions and imprint adjustment for the 990 and 4200 portable imprinters.

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merchant plates

We can supply embossed metal merchant plates for all our imprinters. Please check your imprinter from the list below, to determine which plate to order.

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