embossing services

Merchant ID plates

Our main embossing business is the supply of metal merchant plates for manual credit card imprinters. Embossed plates are available for all of our imprinters, and we can emboss just one plate for an individual merchant, or thousands of plates for banks and acquiring services throughout Europe and the Middle East.

If you’re a merchant and you’re not sure what should be embossed on your plate, please check with your payment processor. In the UK, if you are paying the imprinted slips directly into your account, you will generally need to have all your account details embossed on the plate. If you are inputting payment details yourself into an electronic system, you only need basic name and address details, so that your customers can identify their payments from the sales slip.

Click here to go to the product support page for merchant plates, where you can find tables of sizes, embossing details and a data-entry spreadsheet for bulk orders.

You can order merchant plates online through our Retail Gurus website by clicking here.

Vintage VIN Plates

Addressograph Ltd will emboss VIN plates for all types of vintage car at a very competitive price, and with a 24 hour turnaround. You will need to provide us with the blank plate, and either the original plate, or copies of your vehicle documentation.

Please contact us for prices and more details.

Other projects

We can emboss plain text onto any other type of metal or plastic plate, up to the size of a credit card (85mm X 54mm). The thickness that can be embossed depends on the material. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Army dog tags

Please see separate page of details of our dog tag embossing.