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credit card imprinters

Addressograph Ltd is the authorised reseller of Addressograph Bartizan imprinters for the UK, Europe and Middle East and we offer a range of imprinting solutions for capturing embossed card details. All our imprinters are suitable for use with standard CR80 credit cards, 51 or 80 column sales slips and industry standard embossed plates. Models with ink rollers can be used on plain paper.

If you'd like more information about processing manual card transactions, have a look at our  or post a question on the retail gurus forums by clicking here.

For volume orders, almost all of our imprinters can be customised with your logo, and some models can be manufactured in different coloured plastic to match your corporate image. We also offer a range of packaging options to suit your needs.

We also offer a range of blank and embossed merchant plates to fit our imprinters. We also have plastic CR80 plates with breakaway tabs which can be embossed in large quantities using one of our plastic card embossers.

Standard versions of all our imprinters and accessories can be ordered from

flatbed imprinters

For banking and retail applications, a flatbed imprinter provides invaluable backup, allowing card transactions to continue in case of power cuts, telecommunication failures or system malfunction.

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portable imprinters

Portable imprinters offer a light and convenient back-up option for mobile salespeople and delivery companies, or for retailers to use at outside events such as fairs.

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pump handle imprinter

Our pump handle imprinters are perfect for those occasions when a high quality imprint is required on plain paper or a non-standard formset. They are typically used when taking card details as a payment deposit, for example by car-hire companies, or for extra security on high-value transactions, a card imprint can be taken on the back of a till receipt.

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electric imprinters

Electric imprinters are designed for using when a perfect OCR readable imprint is required quickly. Ideal for use on busy hotel reception desks; an electric imprinter gives you a crisp and clear card imprint at the push of a button.

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IATA ticket validator

Approved by IATA for manual validation of airline tickets. Captures airline, travel agency, date and credit card information onto IATA tickets and forms with a single pass.

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sales slips

If you’re using an imprinter to process your manual credit card transactions, you’ll need sales slips too. Addressograph Ltd can supply you with bank-approved two-part generic short sales slips, that are perfect for use with our imprinters. Our slips are unbranded, so can be used with transactions for Visa, Mastercard, American Express or any other embossed card.

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