pump handle imprinter

Our pump handle imprinters are perfect for those occasions when a high quality imprint is required on plain paper or a non-standard formset. They are typically used when taking card details as a payment deposit, for example by car-hire companies, or for extra security on high-value transactions, a card imprint can be taken on the back of a till receipt.

871: high quality ink imprints

The 871 pump handle imprinter is fitted with ink rollers making it ideal when you need to print a crystal clear card impression on non-standard forms and plain paper: simply position the card and the form, and press the handle.


Dry print roller
Six-digit dater

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871-701-037 standard version 871 imprinter - no space for merchant plate

871-401-037 set-up for use with a merchant plate
AP-1003-1E embossed merchant plate for 871-401-037

30-0500-0901 replacement ink roller